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Since being set up in 1998, Digger has received the financial support of thousands of private, industrialist and institutional donors. This vital support bears witness of the confidence and enthusiasm generated by its projects.

Why should I donate?

To make a donation to the Digger Foundation, is activating a lever which enhance the induced effect on the ground. You don’t finance only clearance of a number of square metres, you contribute to multiple the number of square metres which will be cleared in the future!

Your donation will be used to achieve:

  • a constantly evolving technology to enhance our products and increase their efficiency in the field;
  • the designing and prototyping of new solutions in order to respond to the new issues of mine-clearance and humanitarian field;
  • building a stock of machines and spare parts in order to respond promptly to the needs on the ground;
  • the conduct of needs assessment missions for potential projects in requesting countries;
  • keeping and upgrading our infrastructures to build our machines more efficiently and at a lesser cost.

We are committed to using your gift efficiently and rationally.

ZEWO Quality Label

The Digger Foundation is certified ZEWO. This guarantees your that:

vos dons sont utilisés de façon adéquate et efficace ;

  • your donation is properly and efficiently used;
  • Digger Foundation is transparently and effectively managed;
  • Digger finances are transparent;
  • fundraising and data are managed with professional ethics and loyalty.

Check out our page on ZEWO here.

Serving the public interest

The Digger Foundation, not-for-profit, is recognized as an organization serving the public interest by the Canton de Berne. Donations and legacies are tax-deductible (within the limits established by law) throughout the entire Swiss territory.

The registered charity status of Digger, prohibits call for investors or shareholders. Its working capital can only be built up by the donors. This policy ensures the non-profit-making purpose of the Foundation.

In case of donation, you’ll automatically receive a certificate at the beginning of the year in order to include it into your tax reporting.

You can order payment slips by sending an email to or by phoning 032 481 11 02.


Thank you very much for your support!

Make a bank transfer

Postal address

Fondation Digger
2710 Tavannes
Postal account (CCP) 10-732824-2
IBAN CH15 0900 0000 1073 2824 2

Bank account

Clientis Caisse d’Epargne du district de Courtelary
Fondation Digger
2710 Tavannes
Account Nr. 16 1.062.724.03 6240
Post account Nr. of the Bank 30-38150-4
IBAN CH42 0624 0016 1062 7240 3